Why Choose Atlas Foundation Repair?

Beautiful Slabs

This puts less pressure on the supporting ground.

Slabs Fixed for Life

One of our trained professionals can provide a free estimate to homeowners who contact us for help.

Professional Touch

You can use the concrete area shortly after the work is done so you can get back to your normal life.

Finest Concrete Slabs

Polyurethane foam fills voids as it expands through the space.

  • How do you pour a concrete slab?

    Knowing the steps and caution to take in pouring a concrete slab determines the integrity of the slab and how long it might last. There are several steps Atlas Foundation Repair takes to help our customers continue to enjoy beautiful slabs for a long time. These include:

    • Form area: The first step involves levelling the surface, which may require specialized equipment or just manual tools. We have the right equipment such as excavators on hand if needed. Building the shape or the form your slab will take is the next step and requires skilled manpower.
    • Place steel rebar: To prevent cracks and have strong concrete slabs we install steel rebar for reinforcement. These are often about ½-inch.
    • Pour concrete: Before concrete is poured, our inspectors make sure the forms are level, straight and in the desired shape. Our pouring exercise is done quickly by concrete trucks ready with well-mixed concrete.
    • Finish and level concrete: We then level the concrete and work to attain a smooth finish. Our finishing touch gives your home or business the added elegance and curb appeal.

  • How thick should a concrete slab be?

    Atlas Foundation Repair makes sure that when your concrete slabs are fixed they are repaired for life. The thickness of slabs varies depending on usage, for example whether for residential or commercial usage. Sidewalks and residential driveways are usually 4 inches thick. Due to the weight exerted on commercial parking lots they are 6 to 8 inches depending on loads it’s designed to carry.

  • How do you level a concrete slab?

    A professional touch makes a big difference in the way your concrete slab is finished. That is what Atlas Foundation Repair strives to achieve on every job. We use such tools as builder’s level, strings, boards and our technicians many years of experience to deliver the finest concrete slabs.


  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ We have big oak trees in our street and everyone seems to have slab damage. I started researching how to repair it and found out it was not a do-it-yourself project. Atlas made it look easy, though when they did it and now my neighbors envy my home. I tell them, if you want beauty, call Atlas Foundation Repair. ”

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