Why Choose Atlas Foundation Repair?

We Offer Financing

Prevent more costly repairs later. Unstable foundations left alone can cause major problems that might lead to costlier repairs later.

Reputable Company

Free estimates for homeowners. Atlas Foundation Repair will let you know what types of repairs are suitable for your foundation and we will provide an estimate to complete the job.

Decades of Experience

We stand behind our work. Repairs using Foundation HD Plus or Foundation Plus come with a lifetime warranty.

Affordable Repairs

Experience and reputation. We have been serving the Houston area since 1977 and have completed work for more than 25,000 homeowners in that time.

  • What is foundation repair?

    Foundation repair is a process to stop and in some cases correct excessive movement in a home’s foundation. When your home moves, cracks on the floor, tiles and wall will result. If not handled professionally on time, these problems can be expensive to repair later on. Like everything else, you want to have a reputable company to assess the damage and recommend a solution. With decades of experience in the Houston area, Atlas Foundation Repair offers several types of foundation repairs, such as Residential Foundation Repair, Commercial foundation repair and Commercial Polyurethane lifting.

  • How do you repair a cracked foundation?

    In most cases in the Houston and surrounding areas, cracks are cosmetic and more of a symptom than a problem. But when necessary, they can be filled with epoxy after the foundation is stabilized with pilings in the areas of movement. Get a solid and dependable evaluation of your home and possible remedy from one of Atlas Foundation Repair’s skilled professionals.

  • What is the average cost of a foundation repair in Houston?

    Atlas Foundation Repair has seen and repaired all types of foundation damages. The cost of foundation repair can vary largely depending on the problem the home is having. The best course of action is to have a qualified person look at the home and if needed design a repair plan to meet the need of that home. When it comes to repairing their homes most people turn to Atlas Foundation Repair.


  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ My friend who is an old customer referred me to Atlas. They treated me like family and spent a lot of time inspecting and fixing my old home and repaired my foundation for the lowest cost.”

    Ramona T.
  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ I bought a foreclosed house with an extensive foundation problem and they were able to make the foundation repairs for a very reasonable cost. My home now looks as good as new. ”

    Mohammad Asaf, Katy
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