Why Choose Atlas Foundation Repair?

Industry leader

Our workers work diligently to get the job done, and they are very careful as they work.

Local company

Atlas Foundation Repair offers free estimates for projects to homeowners who are concerned about the foundation of the home.

Strong Foundation

We offer a lifetime warranty on Foundation Plus and Foundation HD Plus repairs.

4 Decades of Experience

Atlas Foundation Repair has been repairing foundations in the Houston area since 1977.

  • How do you repair a foundation?

    Atlas Foundation Repair has a great reputation in the industry as a company that uses high quality materials in repairing foundations for residential and commercial customers. The Pressed Piling system is the most commonly used in the Houston area. Atlas Foundation Repair has two proprietary Pressed Piling systems. These are Foundation Plus and Foundation Plus™ HD.

    The Foundation Plus is a traditional system with steel between each cylinder. The Foundation Plus™ HD is a hybrid system that uses segmented steel pipe filled with concrete at the lower portion of the piling and traditional concrete on the upper part. This sturdy method allows greater depth to be achieved.

  • How much does foundation repair cost?

    Years of experience has taught Atlas Foundation Repair’s skilled technicians that no two repairs are identical. The cost of repairing a foundation can vary widely depending on the problem the home has and steps we will take to correct the issue. The best thing to do is to have a qualified person look at the home and if needed design a repair plan to meet the need of that home. When it comes to giving a thorough and informed assessment, you can trust Atlas Foundation Repair.

  • Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair?

    In most cases, home insurance policies don’t cover foundation repair. However, some insurance companies have been offering riders that can be purchased to cover foundations in case repairs are needed.

    But the cost of foundation repairs shouldn’t keep you from protecting your most precious investment and the home where your children’s memories will be made. Atlas Foundation Repair can provide you with complete financing to secure your property. That means the up-front expense does not have to be a reason to delay repairs any more. Our customer support team is available to answer any questions and will be glad to assist you in repairing your home.


  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ Atlas Foundation Repair helped us finance our home repairs since our savings were depleted after paying for my husband’s health emergency. ”

    Ramona T.
  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ Our home was in the market for eight months, but we couldn’t get an offer due to foundation problems. After we talked to the company they repaired the foundation, gave us a payment plan and we sold the house in less than a week.”

    Catherine Dickson, Houston
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