Why Choose Atlas Foundation Repair?

Residential and Commercial Repairs

Prevent more costly repairs later. Unstable foundations left alone can cause major problems that might lead to costlier repairs later.

Comprehensive Repairs

Free estimates for homeowners. Atlas Foundation Repair will let you know what types of repairs are suitable for your foundation and we will provide an estimate to complete the job.

Foundation Problems Fixed

We stand behind our work. Repairs using Foundation HD Plus or Foundation Plus come with a lifetime warranty.

Best Value for Money

Experience and reputation. We have been serving the Houston area since 1977 and have completed work for more than 25,000 homeowners in that time.

  • How do I know if my home’s foundation needs repair?

    There are several tell-tale signs to let you know you need home foundation repair. For example, your doors and windows are sticking and don’t close properly, you see horizontal cracks in the brick, sheet rock, foundation, floor or tiles and uneven and sloping floors or walls. These and other issues can be signs that you have problems and need professional assessment and preferably a company that can give you a free inspection and estimate. Atlas Foundation Repair is always pleased and ready to help you figure out if you have foundation problems and what needs to be done.

  • Will you repair cracks in my foundation?

    The first and often most recommended approach to any suspected or evident foundation problems is to get a service provider that you can trust to inspect your home for foundation issues. Once Atlas Foundation Repair has established you have a foundation problem we will work hard to stabilize your home to prevent further damage and repair cracks to your satisfaction.

  • Do you offer both home and commercial foundation repair services?

    Atlas Foundation Repair offers comprehensive foundation repairs for residential and commercials buildings. Whether you own a house or a business building that needs repairs, you can count on us to deliver the best service in the industry. Our company has a lot of satisfied customers and has won many awards for superior performance and customer care.

    Atlas Foundation Repair is a family owned company with over 35 years of residential foundation repair experience in Houston. We can help prevent or reverse structural damage to your home thanks to our foundation repair, plumbing, tunneling, concrete and raising/lifting services.


  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ When I saw cracks in my ceiling and walls, I could not sleep at night from worrying that I might have foundation damage. Atlas sent one of their associates to check my foundation and informed me I only had minor, cosmetic problems that they repaired quickly. I was so happy.”

    Ramona T.
  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ Our home has been in the family for three generations, but it developed severe foundation issues. We obtained many quotes from several companies, but we really liked Atlas for their professionalism. They did a marvelous job for our home. ”

    Lisa Patrick, Pearland.
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