Why Choose Atlas Foundation Repair?

Cost-Effective Solutions

This puts less pressure on the supporting ground.

Problem Solved Within Hours

One of our trained professionals can provide a free estimate to homeowners who contact us for help.

Voids Filled Easily

You can use the concrete area shortly after the work is done so you can get back to your normal life.

Repairs Last Years

Polyurethane foam fills voids as it expands through the space.

  • What is mudjacking?

    Mudjacking is a cost-effective and fast method that can help level concrete slabs that are not aligned properly. Our consultants evaluate all the available options to repair your slab problems in the most efficient repair method possible. Their recommendations are always for the benefit of the customer and the integrity of your home.

    At Atlas Foundation Repair we don’t just say the customer is always right, but our actions show that we believe it. With this company, you will truly feel like your needs were fully met and that we really took the time to listen to what your needs are. You will also be so pleased with the repairs we do on your foundation.

    Features and benefits of mudjacking services offered by Atlas Foundation Repair include the following:

    • Mudjacking is often a third to one-half the cost of replacement.
    • Eliminates tripping hazards that could be costly due to liability and also removes drainage problems.
    • No color change in concrete (old and new).
    • Absolutely no damage to your landscape.
    • Work completed in hours, not days.
    • Easy on your home.
    • Excellent method for filling voids.
    Here is how the mudjacking process works:
    • A small, compact 2-inch hole is drilled in the slab.
    • A nozzle is secured to the hole to carry slurry set to the proper consistency.
    • The voids are filled and the slab is raised to acceptable tolerances.
    • The small hole is patched and the room is restored.
    • Within hours, the problem is resolved.

  • How much does mudjacking cost?

    Mudjacking is considered cheaper and in fact a cost-efficient way to level misaligned slabs instead of replacing them altogether. The cost will depend on the amount of materials needed for the work, but if this is the recommended option, you will realize significant savings and have the job completed faster. An Atlas Foundation Repair expert will be helpful in providing you with a reliable estimate for this repair job.

    Don’t be so stressed trying to find a company to inspect your home for foundation and plumbing damage. Working with our knowledgeable and skilled staff is easy-breezy when you engage us to do the work. Our employees will be so helpful in explaining what they find and their recommendations for repairs. Our service is the best value for your money.

    Serving the Houston area for a long time has allowed our employees to build a strong knowledge of how the foundation of your home is affected by the type of climate and the soil types we have here. This makes it possible for them to customize reliable foundation repair solutions.

  • How long does mudjacking last?

    When done to perfection, mudjacking can last anywhere from one to three years. Atlas Foundation Repair prides itself on offering customers high-quality services for all their repair needs and you should be sure that if we do this service for you, it will last.

    One of the ways we use mudjacking is to repair interior foundation failures. We first cover the floor with plastic coverings. Next, we look for signs that the floor has voids underneath it, such as slopes or sunken spots. If we detect such signs, we then use mudjacking to repair the problem or problems. Upon completion of the mudjacking process, the floor is raised as needed.

    Your home is a great investment for your family and probably the biggest possession you will ever own. For such an important repair as a foundation, consider that you are adding value to your house when you hire a reputable company that has been in business for a long time. When most people in the Houston area think of strong foundation repair they think about Atlas. Our family-owned business has reliably serviced thousands of families just like yours with their foundation repair needs.


  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ We saved every dime and applied all our life savings to paying off our house so that we won’t have a house payment in our Golden years. But a few years ago we thought our dream would not be realized due to foundation problems. Luckily, Atlas repaired the home at a price we could afford.”

    Ramona T.
  • Atlas Foundation Repair

    “ I started noticing as if my walls were leaning to the side and soon enough we had a stair-step crack in the bricks. I was worried to death that I could lose my home. Atlas did their magic and we no longer have foundation issues.”

    Davis Robert, Crosby.
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