Atlas Sits Down with Great Day Houston to Discuss Foundation Problems

The Uses & Advantages of Polyurethane

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Preparing Your Home for Extreme Weather

This past weekend, the East Coast was hit by a major snowstorm that impacted residents from New York to Topeka. Over 73 million Americans in total were affected by the snowstorm, forcing many residents to stay at home and wait it out. People living in southwestern states like Texas, or out on the West Coast, [...]

Resiliently Adapting to Extreme Weather with Newly Designed Homes

Whether it’s the winter snowstorm that hit the East Coast last month or the tornadoes that swept throughout the South, extreme weather can impact regions unexpectedly and cause damage to homes not prepared for such conditions. For this reason, many home foundation repair companies are employing resilient design strategies that make structures more resistant to [...]

Not All Home Foundations Are Equal

When a home owners is ready to purchase a house, there are many things which must be checked by an inspector before they can close the deal. From plumbing and inner walls to basements and the foundation of the house itself, everything must be checked before a payment is made to ensure that the home [...]

Learning About the Pier and Beam Foundation in Your Houston Home

Even if you’re the most fastidious of homeowners, you may not know about the particular needs of the pier and beam foundation for your home. Unfortunately, many don’t find out about—let alone think about—their foundation needs until a foundation repair expert needs to be called. At Atlas Foundation Repair, we believe in educating homeowners so [...]

The Most Important Part Of A Home Is The Foundation

There are quite a few neighborhoods in and around the Houston area that have started to grow. From areas within the 610 loop such as first and third ward as well as Memorial, Sugar Land and Richmond, there is much land around the Houston area which is being used for residential property. Many of these [...]