A secure foundation for your office and facility

Your home needs a secure foundation in order to ensure the safety and security of your family. Here’s how the commercial pier and beam foundation repair process works with Atlas Foundation Repair:

• We secure the main girder beam with hydraulic jacks.

• We build a solid support under each beam.

• We adjust the concrete beam as far as the structure will allow.

**Upon completion the structure is restored back to allowable tolerances while

   maintaining safety. Deteriorated structural elements may require additional

   replacements throughout the process.

Product Overview:

Experienced Pier & Beam Construction

Restored Safety and Stability


Large bell-bottom pier for enhanced support and uplift protection

Steel reinforced concrete for added structural support

Deeply installed stable soils and verified alignment

Excellent support

Uplift protection from bell bottom Installed to depth in stable soils

Verified alignment

The Atlas Advantage

The Atlas Advantage speaks to our vast experience with traditional foundations in Texas. With this type of construction, materials deteriorate over time as the moist environment under the home’s foundation wears down. To resolve these issues, Atlas carefully reconstructs the supports, girders, and beams in any traditional Texas home foundation.

Greenwood Preschool Foundation Work Images.

Textbook job (neat, clean and organized). Very happy customer!