Providing high depth support for Houston businesses

Commercial Foundation Plus™ HD is the newest foundation solution for your small business offered by Atlas Foundation Repair. Our exclusive Commercial Foundation Plus HD System is the most heavy-duty foundation repair method available in the industry.

Stronger And Deeper

The Commercial Foundation Plus HD System from Atlas Foundation Repair is a combination of proven methodology and materials. In creating Commercial Foundation Plus HD, our goal was to provide added strength and deeper penetration for your Houston business. As a result, the structural foundation for your business will have a more secure system to support it.

Steel Segments

Why are steel piers the most commonly used foundation pier in the U.S.? The answer is simple: because steel provides the depth needed to help stabilize your office building. With Commercial Foundation Plus HD, the unique steel pier segments are heavy duty and filled with concrete for added strength. Our concrete-filled pier segments penetrate past unstable soils into a non-corrosive, and therefore more stable, soil area. The depth of our steel segments provide heavy-duty support for your business’s foundation structure.

Concrete Segments

Commercial Foundation Plus HD combines concrete segments to strengthen your business’s foundation. Atlas Foundation Repair’s durable concrete segments provide proven, high-depth support in both stable and unstable soil zones. Such high-depth support is the best method for building foundations, which is why is a major component of the Residential Foundation Plus HD System.

When combined, HD and concrete segments are built to last. Concrete is durable and provides a non-corrosive material in unstable soils that are affected by the weather.

A piling is made up of concrete cylinders that have re-bar in the middle of them. A piling is comprised of cylinders stacked on top of each other with re-bar running through the middle.

The tubing is coated inside and out for maximum corrosion protection. The steel segments are pre-cast with a 7,000 psi concrete mix.