Detect Issues Early

Easily locate areas of concern with early detection – this is a check engine light for your home!

Peace of Mind

Sleep well at night knowing your investment is secure with foundation monitoring.

Increase Buyer Incentive 

Slabsure helps eliminate risk when buying or selling any home. 

Our patented technology uses special sensors to consistently monitor any foundation below the ground.  With this data, we give you simple diagnostic analysis in real time with industry leading accuracy and insight.  We catch issues early – before they become costly!

The Slabsure Advantage


Continuous Monitoring

Slabsure is an hourly foundation monitoring system.


Hidden Watch

Our sensors remain out of sight, below the soil level.


Securely Backed.

A cellular computer sends data to our cloud computer.


Full Coverage

The Slabsure system can wrap around virtually any home or commercial property.


Great Mobility

Sensors are easily anchored to the foundation every 10' and move up and down with the foundation.



Foundations are monitored constantly and provide important status updates on-demand