Atlas Foundation Repair offers a proprietary Commercial Foundation Plus™ System that is designed to help business owners with their foundation repair issues. Atlas’s Commercial Foundation Plus is engineered to fix the types of foundation problems that commercial properties commonly face in the great state of Texas. For over three decades, Atlas has been a family owned and operated company serving the greater Houston area with the unparalleled ability to meet the needs of Texas businesses.

At Atlas Foundation Repair, we care strongly about the foundation challenges facing your small business. For this reason, we created a unique Commercial Foundation Plus System to resolve such issues as extreme heat, excessive moisture and improper concrete mixes. If you’re not sure whether your commercial business is in need of Commercial Foundation Plus, look such signs as walls and floors that are cracked and bulging, or doors or windows that do not close properly.

The best way to deal with such foundation challenges is the Commercial Foundation Plus product that is exclusive to Atlas Foundation Repair. Here is how it works: Strong and durable concrete pilings are driven into the ground, along with steel inserts placed in the center for added strength. The piling system is driven into the ground to the point of refusal, thereby securing your home’s foundation.

For more information on how Commercial Foundation Plus can help your business, contact Atlas Foundation Repair by calling at the number below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Foundation Plus™ Features:

Texas First Foundation Repair Patent

Lifetime Warranty Backed by Atlas Since 1977

6,000 PSI Concrete Cylinder

US Patent # 5,096,333