Tunneling Foundation Repair

On occasion, you need to reach parts of the foundation under the interior of your structure in order to fix issues that may develop into larger problems later. With that in mind, Atlas Foundation Repair offers tunneling services for those customers who need it. Tunneling foundation repair serves many purposes, such as getting to hard-to-reach plumbing areas or providing an alternative to breaking holes through your slab and potentially causing costly damage. By digging access tunnels, Atlas can provide you, the customer, with another way to resolve your foundation repair problems in an effective and efficient manner.

Here at Atlas Foundation Repair, we understand that plumbing and tunneling foundation repair can pose some concerns for homeowners. In particular, such repair services can often be costly and serve as an inconvenient disruption for the people residing inside your home. With Atlas, however, there is no need for you to remove furniture or to vacate the structure while plumbing or foundation repairs are taking place. Atlas’s tunneling foundation repair is just one more way that your home can gain the Atlas Advantage!