Q. How do I know if I have a foundation problem?

The clearest example of a homeowner will notice is cracked sheetrock, this can be around a window frames and doors on the interior, and also if windows and doors don’t close or lock properly. On the exterior, one can look for cracks known as “stair step” cracks in their brick, any separation where brick walls meet are typically signs of Foundation issues.

Q. How much is my initial evaluation and inspection going to cost?

Atlas Foundation Repair provides free estimates. Call our office to make an appointment, and we will set a time for an estimator to come to your home. The estimator will inspect the interior and exterior of your property and look for all signs of stress. The only time Atlas will ever charge you for an appointment is if it is a pier and beam home and we get out to the property and there is not a 2’ crawl space.

Q. How long does it take to conduct a foundation inspection?

Depending on how large the home is and the problems you are noticing it could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Q. Do I need to be present during the inspection?

As this can be a large procedure, Atlas asks all homeowners to be present during the inspection process. In order to complete an estimate, we will need interior access in order to ensure all measurements are made.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

Atlas Foundation Repair does offer a lifetime warranty on all Foundation Plus and Foundation Plus HD pilings. In the event that your home requires Bell Bottom Piers there is a lifetime service agreement, meaning that after 10 years there is a service charge per adjustment.

Q. How long does it take to complete a foundation repair job?

It could take anywhere from a day to two weeks, it all depends on how large of a job it is. Atlas averages approximately 10 pilings per day.

Q. What happens if I have a Break in my plumbing?

It is always recommended to repair your plumbing after any foundation repairs due to possible breaking when lifting the foundation. Atlas will perform a hydrostatic test after the repairs have been made as long as a cleanout is available. We will notify the homeowner if they have a plumbing leak and will be able to set up an isolation test on the plumbing at an additional charge to determine where the leaks are. Atlas does have an in-house plumbing department and we will be able to give you an estimate on those plumbing repairs.

Q. How long after the repairs should I wait to fix my mortar and drywall cracks?

Atlas recommends that you wait at least 90 days before you make any cosmetic repairs after the foundation has been completed. There is a possibility that you could have some additional settling once the repairs have been made. If you start to notice any new sheetrock cracks, brick cracks or doors sticking within the 90 days you can always call Atlas to come out and recheck the home before you make those repairs.

Q. How can I prepare my home for a Foundation Repair?

Depending on the areas of repair you may need to remove anything hanging on the walls or any breakables and valuables on shelves. Atlas will move any heavy furniture for you. If you have interiors being installed and we have to remove flooring we will roll the carpet up for repairs and roll it back out once the job is complete, however we will not stretch and tack it back into place. If there is tile or hardwood flooring we will remove in the areas of repair but we are not responsible for replacing. If you are wanting to save your hardwood Atlas can recommend a company to come and pull that flooring up for you.

Q. Will my landscape be damaged?

The techniques Atlas Foundation Repair uses to correct a failed foundation will cause minor damages to a landscape. In the event there is a bush or plant needs to be moved, we will make every effort to ensure the survival of the plant,however we cannot guarantee the life of the plants and we are not responsible. We recommend that if your landscaping is important to you that you have a professional landscaper come out to remove the plants before Atlas comes out to make your repairs.

Q. Do You Have Any Tips for Maintaining My Foundation?

Having proper drainage for the rainy months and proper hydration for the summer months. Make sure you have gutters and a drainage system. When May starts to roll around and you notice it is dry go ahead and start watering your foundation. You can purchase soaker hoses from Lowes or Home Depot and place them no closer than a foot away from the slab. Water no longer than 15 minutes twice a day, once in the morning before the sun comes out and once in

What areas do you service?

Atlas Foundation repair has proudly been serving the southwest Texas area since 1977. We provide services to Houston, Clear Lake, league city, Stafford, Friendswood, Bryan, College Station, Kingwood, Sugar Land, Pearland, Missouri City, Katy, Tomball, Spring, Alvin, Galveston, Humble, Rosenberg, Brenham, Richmond, El campo, Huntsville, Brookshire, Sealy, the woodlands, Waller, Livingstone, Giddings, and everywhere in between!

Why should I select Atlas Foundation Repair?

Atlas has been in business since 1977 and has repaired over 32,000 homes since its opening. Atlas takes time with the homeowner to discuss all options and takes time with the homeowner to answer any questions to help better understand the problems and what we can do to get you taken care of. We offer a lifetime warranty and have financing options available with as little as zero percent interest.