Consider Polyurethane Lifting & Support for your concrete slab or structure repair issues

Has the concrete foundation support for your residential or commercial property become cracked over the years? Cracks in and around your concrete structure can, in many instances, be traced to settlement and/or hydraulic pressure tolerances. Over time, cracks in concrete in and around your foundation can grow in severity. If these cracks are not fixed, they can ultimately lead to additional, and often costly, structural and cosmetic damage to your foundation.

However, you can still recover the previous state of your concrete foundation with the Polyurethane Lifting & Support system offered by Atlas Foundation Repair. Our Polyurethane Lifting & Support reduces further structural and cosmetic damage by carefully lifting and restoring concrete. In addition, we use Polyurethane Injections to support installed piers and/or pilings. The Polyurethane Injections help to fill voids while the polyurethane supports the area under and around each installed pier and/or piling. The Polyurethane Lifting & Support process is carefully supervised by Atlas team members in order to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the end result.


A few features of the Polyurethane Lifting & Support system:

• Carefully lifts and supports

• Can be used for industrial, commercial and residential repairs

• Helps decrease chance of further concrete damage


Installation Steps (Overview)

Small 1/4” Holes Drilled in Preparation

First, we will drill small holes in order to gain access to the surface below your structure.

Install Polyurethane Ports

Second, we will install ports, which we then use to skillfully inject the Atlas

   Polyurethane under the concrete to fill the voids in and around your foundation.

Careful Polyurethane Lifting & Support

   Third and finally, Atlas’s trained team members will carefully inject polyurethane

   into the voids using the installed ports. Proper polyurethane installation requires

   both skill and concentration, which is why our team members are closely

   supervised in order to ensure quality work.

Atlas PolyFoam Trailer

Atlas Foundation Repair has experience installing Atlas Polyurethane to assist raising and leveling concrete. This helps to carefully lift and stabilize your structure and can be used along with Foundation Repair. We have many years of experience mudjacking – another methodology to lift and stabilize areas under structures. And, we also provide concrete lifting, and void filling solutions using other time-tested substrates like filling voids with foam, a.k.a. foam jacking. Today, we provide alternatives to traditional foam and mudjacking to lift and support concrete utilizing Atlas Polyurethane to fill voids, help stabilize soils, repair sidewalks, driveways, patios and pool decks. Consider Atlas Foundation Repair for any and all foundation problems around your structure. We offer years of experience, a wide-range of pricing options and the industry’s leading foundation repair warranties.

For more information about the Atlas Polyurethane Lifting & Support system, contact Atlas Foundation Repair – a family owned business operating in the Houston, TX area. We deliver proven results — going deeper than our competition since 1977.