Mudjacking is a safe, cost-effective method of leveling misaligned concrete slabs, which is why we use it at Atlas Foundation Repair. Consider our quick and efficient mudjacking methods instead of replacing concrete where voids are present—the savings are significant!


• Mudjacking is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement

• Eliminates tripping hazards and drainage problems

• No color change in concrete (old and new)

• Absolutely no damage to your landscape

• Work completed in hours, not days

Atlas Mudjacking Services

One of the ways we use mudjacking is to repair interior foundation failures. We first cover the floor with plastic coverings. Next, we look for signs that the floors have voids underneath it, such as slopes or sunken spots. If we detect such signs, we then use mudjacking to repair the problem or problems. Upon completion of the mudjacking process, the floor is raised as needed.


Here are a few benefits of mudjacking:

• Cost effective

• Easy on your home

• Excellent method for filling voids


Here is how the mudjacking process works:

• A small, compact 2” hole is drilled in the slab.

• A nozzle is secured to the hole to carry slurry set to the proper consistency.

• The voids are filled and the slab is raised to acceptable tolerances.

• The small hole is patched and the room is restored.

•ᅠWithin hours, the problem is resolved.