Are you experiencing slight movements in the Foundation of your house? Are you beginning to see cracks in the sheet rock or exterior bricks of your home? If so, these cracks are most likely indicating that your foundation has suffered some damage. The soil in Houston in constantly changing and settling, Atlas Foundation Repair is here to help your fix this damages and get your home back on solid ground again! As always, our estimates are free and we are excited to help in restoring your home to its true value. Atlas Foundation has proudly served the Houston area for nearly 40 years, give us a call at 713-641-4844 to set up your free appointment today.

Houston Foundation Repair Company

Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth-most populous city in the United States, located in Southeast Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. With a census-estimated 2014 population of 2.239 million. it also is the largest city in the Southern United States,. Finding a Houston foundation repair company does not have to be a difficult task. Atlas Foundation Repair is familiar with the area and has helped many home owners fix their foundations and save their homes. Unfortunately do to the way some home builders build these foundations, homeowners often times start to experience foundation problems in and are in need of a foundation repair service in Houston that can help them save their home. When not treated in time, foundation problems can cause cracks in your walls, ceilings and mess the alignment of your doors as well. Don’t wait if you see signs of foundation issues, call a skilled Houston foundation repair service today.

Atlas Foundation Repair has proudly served these Houston zip codes for nearly 40 years: 77002 through 77099.

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Houston Foundation Repair Company