Not All Home Foundations Are Equal

When a home owners is ready to purchase a house, there are many things which must be checked by an inspector before they can close the deal. From plumbing and inner walls to basements and the foundation of the house itself, everything must be checked before a payment is made to ensure that the home is safe to live in. Unfortunately, the foundation of the home is one thing which can crack over time and may be missed during the initial inspections. Not all foundations are created equal, and if not made properly can cause many problems later on over the years.


Not all foundation companies are the same, and depending on who created the original foundation can make a big difference down the road. If done properly, a foundation under a home should last forever, taking earth movement into consideration. When a foundation is not created properly, or if it is rushed, it can cause cracks in the foundation which will later cause cracks in your home. If the bottom of the foundation was not compressed properly, or there were rocks under the foundation which were not properly patted down, it can cause cranks which let in moisture and ruin your flooring. Cracking foundation can also create uneven flooring, uneven doors and cracks in your walls and ceilings. If you notice that your doors are no longer closing properly or cracks are forming in your walls or ceilings these are signs that your foundation needs repair.

If you wait too long to fix your foundations, it can cause more problems in your home and lead to more costs later on. It is always best to call out a foundation repair company that can check and analyze your foundation to see if it needs repairs or not. By having a professional come to your home to give you a quote, they can let you know the benefits of repairing your foundations and how much money it can save you later from other problems that may arise.